Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Doings for an Aircrete Build

 As you can imagine things seem to be speading up with the in and out of unfolding spring!  This week saw the opening of peach, pear and cherry blossoms.  A slight snow came through with dipping temperatures, but, I think that because the earth had warmed many blossoms remain on the trees.  Time will tell if they suffered andy dmaage.  On the build site, I found trout lilly, mullien, emerging may apple, and a scattering of violets and dandelion.  There is also an amazing blackberry patch!

Doings for an Aircrete Build

Following up on the question, "What am I, Patricia, doing for my aircrete build?” 

Before deciding that aircrete was the perfect thing for my home needs, and before seeking out a builder, I began researching every web resource I could find having any information pertaining to aircrete with Domegaia and its resources as my starting point. 

"It is waterproof, fireproof, and insect proof. It offers good thermal and acoustic insulation. It will not rot, warp, or corrode. Unlike concrete which is hard, heavy, cold and difficult to work with, AirCrete is easy to work with. It dries overnight and can be cut, carved, drilled and shaped with wood-working tools. It accepts nails and screws and is easily repaired. It has good compressive strength to make excellent foundations, sub floors, building blocks, poured walls, domes or whatever. It can be molded or formed into practically any shape." - DomeGaia

So what is aircrete?  Aircrete is a lightweight concrete that is infused with air bubbles throughout and in some recipes is referred to as cellular concrete, foam concrete and aerated concrete; which are much used in commercial/industrial concrete building projects globally. Domegaia’s developments have made this medium accessible to every person!  

 So, why is aircrete great?  It is very strong, it’s extremely slow to absorb moisture unlike regular concrete and its lighter in weight and most can use this system to build, sustainably and for considerably less cost.

 Domegaia Bender

I’ve looked at everything I can find, from historical concrete builds that remain today to new concrete conpositions, and now regularly, wanderer the trails of modern building styles evolving in the aerated concrete build world.  Every few days, I search out sites that include concrete organizations, scientific industrial reviews, builders, contractors, green building sites, DIY’s, Youtube, reference resources, etc,  My gathering, thanks to web resources, includes US, Canada, Australia, Amsterdam, Africa, UK and other parts of the EU building with aircrete, aerated concrete, autoclaved concrete, foamcrete, etc., with a focus on dome building and architecture. 

When researching on the web, I have learned to copy the search address to be sure to get back to a potential list to investigate because I have found that sometimes, using previous search terms or phrases get very different results.

Little Dragon

With all of my gathering, I have so many bits of information tossing about inside my head, and within my notes.  Now my task is to connect these information strands into something I can understand and share satisfactorily with others.  After weeks of research, mostly to assure myself that this could be real, I ordered the Domegaia prospectus, which I had to learn was a file download. 

From the moment I decided on going forward with the build, I began seeking a builder.  I found a few potentials before returning to one of my first considerations.  A few weeks later, after vetting his questions regarding materials and design and anything, including how I was to be involved because of the weird allergies, and how it was going to work having someone represent me on the build site. 

Next, I purchased my Bender, Blender and Little Dragon; and I want to try everything out.  But I must be patient until I have set up an area where I can be on site and then begin the process of making bricks.    

Domegaia blender with Little Dragon
Blender with Little Dragon - Domegaia

Chris and I went out this week for eyes on the site!  I felt excited and clear and very pleased at the ease of communication.  This is helped by the fact of having been acquainted for over three decades, and in life, he is a very easy going person and he does wonderful builds!   I was advised as to the next steps to consider and act upon, and lots of things to think about.  I’m working out the layout for home, choosing foundation location and of course getting the last details regarding septic system and receive the build permit. 

In my wildest, I never imagined that I would become excited, even passionate, and effusive about concrete in any form other than as an art piece.  I find myself often laughing at myself because for my effusiveness.   I realize that I have set out on another amazing life adventure! 

To all questions regarding my “weird allergies”, yes, they are potentially threatening and much will be to clear as a friend launches a crowd funding campaign on my behalf.  I will post a link to that once it’s live and replace the donation button with a connection to that. 

This Blog is to focus on the aircrete build.  I hope that I will convey information so that it will be of use to others who decide to build with aircrete.

May much be well with you!


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