Sunday, October 20, 2019

Aircrete Builds October 2019 Update

Turtle Dome Gravel Driveway

 I am pleased to be here and reporting that Turtle Dome has a gravel drive!  Turtle steps forward! 
Next update will be on the septic and that will be followed by foundation!  You can support the building of Turtle Dome here!

In anticipation of moving and setting up the arts workshop and teaching space I have been going through my possessions and, Wow!  Looking at myself through my stuff!  I am a bespoke woman.  

I think, looking back, even in childhood, I was upvamping and recycling and appreciating craftspersonship quality since some the early 1960's.  I was fortunate to be in a home where I saw a lot of variety through Look, Jet, Ebony, National Geographic, Poplar Mechanic, and other current magazines of that day; all most likely leaving some ideas impressed on my young mind regarding my eclectic design sensibilities and interest.  

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